Effortless & powerful fleet management

Gain total visibility of your vehicles, drivers and cargo

Smarter decisions, efficient operations and tangible results with a fully integrated system for fleets of every size.

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We are global leaders in fleet management

SA's highest audited stolen vehicle rate

40 billion +
data points collected monthly
1,200,000 +
active subscribers across 23 countries
platform up-time

Know everything about your fleet in real-time

Live GPS track and monitor your vehicles, and gain total control of your fleet

Instant alerts

Get SMS, email and RSS alerts if anything important happens. Idling, speeding, maintenance, temperature drops, you name it.

Driver activity

Know what your drivers are up to and get alerts for trigger events, like entries and exits of customer locations or cargo offloading.

LiveVision cameras

See what your drivers are doing, protect your cargo, reduce collisions and defend your drivers against false claims.

Trusted by small to large businesses globally

Every industry, every business size and every kind of vehicle

Get Smart Actionable Insights

Track performance, pinpoint inefficiencies and tackle challenges

Customisable dashboard

Monitor the key metrics that matter to your business easily. Fuel consumption, idle rates, driver safety, fleet running costs, productivity, vehicle usage and more.

Automated reports

Unlock your full potential with powerful analytics and comprehensive analysis straight into your inbox. Or export your raw data via CSV or our API.

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Everything in one place

Digitalise your operations and integrate all your important information with our powerful platform

Streamlined workflow

With an integrated system, sharing vital data in real-time is seamless. You work faster and collaborate better.

Less time on admin

Automate admin tasks, reduce repeated tasks, avoid bad data entries. Work smarter and organise your fleet.

Understand costs

Get contextualised metrics that tell you the real costs of running your fleet and show where your drainages are.

The Cartrack Advantage

FREE industry leading app

24/7 customer support and a free & fast installation

Better task management with no paperwork

On-time deliveries, happy customers and efficient dispatching

Manage effortlessly

Set fully customisable tasks from your computer, update them in real-time, manage stock, and get live task status updates.

Proof of delivery

Send your customers an electronic photo and signature proof of delivery for faster invoicing and zero confusions.

Empower drivers

Make driver's lives easy with our easy-to-use app. Daily schedules, navigation, instructions and a chat if they need anything else.

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